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Togo: 185 billion CFA turnover for the telecom sector in 2019

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In Togo, the total turnover of the telecom sector increased from 177 billion FCFA at the end of 2018 to 185 billion FCFA at the end of 2019, an increase of +4.52%, according to official data from ARCEP (Authority for Regulation of Electronic Communications and Posts), the regulator of the sector.

Mobile segment accounts for 86% of telecom revenues

The bulk of these revenues are derived from the mobile segment - in which the duopoly Togo Cellular (Togocel) and Atlantique Telecom Togo operates, known as Moov Togo - where the turnover that registered an increase of +6.2% represents 85.95% (159 billion FCFA) of the total turnover of the sector.

Note that the services offered by the mobile segment are voice, SMS and mobile internet.

Togocel, a subsidiary of the Togocom Group, is the leader in the mobile segment with a market share of 63% compared to 37% for Moov Togo, a subsidiary of Maroc Télécom.

25 billion CFA generated by the fixed segment

By contrast, the fixed segment, which comprises voice and fixed Internet services, generated revenues of 25 billion FCFA in 2019, down 5.7%.

Up to 4 operators operate in this market segment, namely Togocom, CAFE Informatique & Télécommunications, Téolis and Groupe Vivendi Africa Togo (GVA), mainly due to the exploitation of fixed data.

Togocom is the undisputed leader in this segment with a market share of 89.45% in 2019, followed by CAFE Informatique & Télécommunication (5.26%), GVA (4.72%) and Téolis (0.57%).

Investments in the telecom sector came out at 30.7 billion FCFA in 2019, down by 55%, in line with the decline in investments in the mobile segment.

The sector concentrated 1,146 jobs in 2019, of which Togo Telecom (449) and Togocel remain the main employers (394).

The penetration rate of fixed and mobile telephony was 82.5% in 2019, compared to 61.7% for the penetration rate of fixed and mobile Internet.

Dr Ange Ponou

Publié le 02/12/20 15:05

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